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Custom Designer Jewelry in Sarasota, Florida 


 After 25 years on St. Armands Circle, we have closed our store and we are

 taking orders via phone or through our contact page on the website!

Thousands of satisfied customers have purchased and enjoy Baron D'Orr's jewelry. They are the connoisseurs of fine jewelry and recognize true quality in workmanship and product that equals or exceeds many pieces costing thousands of dollars more. You,too can create the perfect custom designer jewelry, all with synthetic stones and/or cubic zirconia, with our help. Contact us in Sarasota, Florida. 



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Jewelry Pioneers
For over 25 years, Baron D'Orr has been the pioneer in jewelry made with synthetic stones. These stones are from Russia, the laboratory calls them "Diamondz". The stones are cut, sorted, and polished by professional diamond cutters in Germany. They have the brilliance, fire, and sparkle of the finest diamond and are the next hardest material to a diamond.

Baron D'Orr offers elegant, high-quality jewelry. Our wide variety is set in quality yellow or white gold settings. We offer a variety of stones to match your tastes. We have a selection of women's and men's jewelry that is great for any personality - from classic to contemporary. Choose from our selection or create your own custom combination from our rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and slides. 

Whether you are buying for a loved one on a special occasion or treating yourself, we have a broad selection  of jewelry to choose from.  We use lab-created synthetic stones for all of our fine designer jewelry. Many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind!  Let us help you find the perfect piece for any special occasion.


Synthetic Stones in Sarasota, Florida

Diamondz Gems
Finally, the luster of a diamond without the price. We have developed a magnificent stone we call Diamondz. The stone is a combination of Russian synthetics that create a very hard, brilliant stone like a "D" flawless - the perfect stone! Our stones are cut and faceted to bring out more fire, brilliance and many of the properties of a natural diamond.

Baron D'Orr synthetic stones can be set in the finest gold or platinum settings designed by the worlds' best jewelry designers. We can create your "one of a kind" design with our CAD design staff.

 Bracelets start at $500| Earrings start at $75 | Necklaces & Pendants start at $50 |Rings start at $250|

Slides start at $300  



We can replicate your jewelry at a minimum price compared to the original cost in Diamonds.

See our fabulous creations before you make another jewelry investment.